Why Participate

Because the World Photographic Cup is like the Olympics of photography.

It’s the only international photographic competition where a professional photographer can represent their country. This alone should make anyone proud of participating. There are many important international competitions like World Press, Sony Awards, National Geographic etc, but in these competitions, you enter for yourself, for the recognition, the prizes, the fame and the glory. But at WPC, you do it for your country.

Each country (40+) entering the WPC strives to put together the best of the best team entry. This is why Canada needs your talent and your creativity to succeed. Help us make Canadian photography talent known on the world scene. Submit your images today. The top ten International images in each of the six categories will be showcased globally in various media forms.

There are two components to the World Photographic Cup. In the first component, all Canadian Images will be curated by our panel of judges.  Our panel will anonymously score each image entered into competition.  Each image will be assigned a score that is the average of each of the three judges for that particular category. Three images in each category (for a total of 18 images) having the best vision, impact, composition, and technical ability will comprise Team Canada’s entry into the World Photographic Cup. Those 18 images will be awarded a certificate stating that they are members of WPC Team Canada. Additional “Honourable Mention” certificates will be awarded to a maximum of a “Top Ten” in each category. The awarding of “Honourable Mention” or “Top Ten” certificates will be at the discretion of the judges and WPC committee.

Images that score in the top 18 and comprise Team Canada’s entry into the World Photographic Cup will be eligible for the following INTERNATIONAL AWARDS

Individual awards

  • Digital Certificates of participation will be given to all the individual team members.
  • Nation Awards certificates will be given to the author of the highest scored image of each and all entered teams (score compiled by computed results).
  • Finalist certificates will be presented to the authors of the Top 10 scored pictures in each and all categories (score compiled by computed results).
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second and third highest score images in each category (score compiled by computed results).

Team awards

  • Certificates will be awarded to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place teams (based on aggregated score of top ten placement in all categories).
  • Trophies will be awarded to the second and third place teams (based on aggregated score of top ten placement in all categories).
  • The World Photographic Cup will be awarded to the national team which receives the highest score (based on aggregate score of top ten placement in all categories).

Representing Canada could bring:

  • Pride in your work, creativity and talent
  • Undeniable self promotion
  • Curiosity in your creative work by potential clients
  • Media coverage as you represent Canada internationally
  • Canadian Certificate of Achievement
  • WPC Certificate of Achievement for Top 10 Finalists
  • WPC Medal for world Bronze, Silver and Gold winners

WPC Team Canada is one of the very unique competitions where major associations that support photography work closely together to curate the Canadian entry (CAPA, CAPIC, NPAC, and PPOC). As well, while WPC Team Canada Committee encourages membership in all of our sponsoring associations, it is not a requirement to enter. The committee’s primary goal is to ensure Canada’s submission is the very best it can be.  We are focused on team Canada and therefore encourage all Canadian professional photographers to enter images for consideration. If we want to be recognized on an international stage we need to do it together as a country.

Don’t miss the chance to represent Canada, and compete for individual gold, silver and bronze medals in all six WPC categories. Plus your image could help team Canada as a whole to win the WORLD PHOTOGRAPHIC CUP!