Role: Portrait Judge, Wedding Judge

Nikki’s original career was as a Mortgage Professional, owning her own business in Calgary for 12 years.

After the crash of 2008, she was faced with many career change decisions, and during that time of transition, she picked up one of the DSLR’s she received as a lender gift, and starting shooting.

She eventually opened her own studio in Calgary, and later moved to Vancouver, and then settled in Kelowna, BC.

Her business in the interior of BC includes Portrait Art, with a focus on children and women.  She does provide family, corporate, commercial and other types of photography as well.

In 2015, Nikki started winning many awards, and enjoyed competing in Photography competitions.  She won the bronze medal for the WPC World Photographic Cup 2017 for Portrait.

Nikki has been an educator over the last couple years, teaching all over the U.S. for PPA Associations like Texas School, East Coast School and has hosted her own workshops in Canada and Italy.

Nikki offers a unique “Version” of her clients, with a theme of whimsical, ethereal story telling that is quite compelling and has caught the attention of many photographers world wide.