Because the World Photographic Cup is like the Olympics of photography.

It’s the only international photographic competition where a professional photographer can represent his or her country. This alone should make anyone proud of participating. There are many important international competitions like World Press, Sony Awards, National Geographic etc, but in these competitions, you enter for yourself, for the recognition, the prizes, the fame and the glory. But WPC you do it for your country.

Each country (28) entering the WPC strives to put together the best of the best team entry. This is why Canada needs your talent, your creativity to succeed. Help us make Canadian photography talent known on the world scene. Submit your 3 images today. The top ten images in each of the six categories will be showcased globally in various media forms.

There are two components to the World Photographic Cup. In the first component, all Canadian Images will be curated by our panel of Canadian Judges.  Our panel will anonymously score each image entered into competition.  Each image will be assigned a score that is the average of each of the three judges for that particular category. The top three highest scoring images will comprise Team Canada’s entry into the World Photographic Cup. Those top three images will be awarded a certificate stating that they placed in the top three of all entries in Canada. Additional “Honorable Mention” certificates will be awarded to a maximum of a “Top Ten” in each category. The awarding of “Honorable Mention” or “Top Ten” certificates will be at the discretion of the judges and WPC committee.

Images that score in the top three and comprise Team Canada’s entry into the World Photographic Cup will be eligible for the following INTERNATIONAL AWARDS

Individual awards

  • Digital Certificates of participation will be given to all the individual team members.
  • Nation Awards certificates will be given to the author of the highest scored image of each and all entered teams (score compiled by computed results).
  • Finalist certificates will be presented to the authors of the Top 10 scored pictures in each and all categories (score compiled by computed results).
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second and third highest score images in each category (score compiled by computed results).

Team awards

  • Certificates will be awarded to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place teams (based on aggregated score of top ten placement in all categories).
  • Trophies will be awarded to the second and third place teams (based on aggregated score of top ten placement in all categories).
  • The World Photographic Cup will be awarded to the national team which receives the highest score (based on aggregate score of top ten placement in all categories).

Representing Canada could bring:

  • Pride in your work, creativity and talent
  • Undeniable self promotion
  • Curiosity in your creative work by potential clients
  • Media coverage as you represent Canada internationally
  • Publication of Team Canada’s Entry in Gallerie Magazine
  • Publication of Team Canada Finalists in Gallerie magazine
  • Canadian Certificate of Achievement
  • WPC Certificate of Achievement for Top 10 Finalists

In addition:

  • Any team Canada photographer, who becomes a WPC International Top 10 finalist, will receive a complimentary conference registration at either the 2019 or 2020 PPOC Canadian Imaging Conference (www.conference.ppoc.ca).  Valued at approximately $350 Cdn.

PPOC is the official portal to the WPC and manages the logistics of the Canadian WPC Team entry.  The committee’s primary goal is to ensure Canada’s submission is the very best it can be.  We are focused on team Canada and therefore encourage all Canadian professional photographers to enter images for consideration. If we want to be recognized on an international stage we need to do it together as a country.

Don’t miss the chance to represent Canada, and compete for individual gold, silver and bronze medals in all six WPC categories. Plus team Canada as a whole will be eligible to win the 2018 WORLD PHOTOGRAPHIC CUP.

Submission Details

Submission Dates:  Entries will accepted between July 1, 2018 and August 31st, 2018.

On AUGUST 31st at midnight (Eastern daylight time) the website will be closed for submissions.

Each photographer may enter up to 4 images total. There are 6 categories in which you can submit. You can enter all 4 images in the same category if you like but you cannot qualify as a finalist more than once per category.

The following link will take you to a submission upload site. Once on this site you will be asked to create an account, complete the entry form, sign the certification and agreement and make payment via PayPal. If you belong to a supporting Photography Association, remember to enter your discount code. If you do not enter the discount code, no refunds will be issued. Once paid you will be directed to the online upload process where you can upload up to FOUR images.

Entry Fees (for up to 4 images)

$75 CDN plus tax

$55 CDN plus tax for members of a supporting Photography Association; CAPA, PPOC, ILPA, NPAC.

$25 CDN plus tax for PPOC members entering an image that scored “Excellence” in prior competition.

fees are non-refundable.

File Requirements:

Parameters: 4000 pixels on the longest side

Format: jpeg 8-10

Imbedded profile: SRGB or Adobe 98

  1. The registration software will not accept images outside these size parameters.
  2. TEXT OR ANY OTHER ITEM THAT COULD IDENTIFY THE MAKER is NOT permitted on the image and as such will disqualify the image.
  3. All images MUST be titled. It is important that your images be listed in the correct category with their given titles (“Untitled” or “No Title” is not acceptable).
  4. Images previously accepted as part of a team Canada entry are not eligible.
  5. Copyright remains with the author of the images.
  6. All entries will be handled with professional care; however, WPC Team Canada and/or PPOC assume no responsibility for entries while in its custody or on exhibition.

Terms and conditions:

Any Canadian professional photographer can submit up to 4 images to this national call for entries.  The maker must agree to the following conditions when submitting:

  1. Be the original author of all images in concept, image capture and presentation.
  2. Agree that the WPC and WPC Team Canada can use accepted images for promotional purposes. Copyright remains with the author of the images.
  3. Be a Canadian citizen holding a Canadian passport.
  4. Be a Canadian professional photographer.

Selection process

Canadian Judging will take place, on line, from Sept 5th to 23nd 2018.

All submitted images will be considered when choosing Canada’s 18 image team entry.  After submission deadline, a panel of qualified Canadian judges will judge the images and the top 3 images in each category will be selected to represent Team Canada at the World Photographic Cup.

WPC Team Canada will oversee the selection of qualified Canadian judges; looking for those that have the best cross section of judging skills relating to today’s styles.  The judges will not be limited to PPOC members but will be chosen from a cross section of Canadian professional photographers that represent the diversity of Canadian talent. Images for each the 6 WPC categories will be selected by judges who have a strong depth of experience in that category.  Submitted images will be judged using the WPC process of four scores and criteria, which is different to PPOC judging rules. All judges will be required to view the WPC training videos prior to selecting our Canadian entry.  Judges and committee members cannot enter the competition.

Successful photographers will be notified early October and team Canada’s entry will be announced to the public shortly after.

NOTE: The decision of the judges shall be final. WPC Team Canada chair shall have the absolute and final authority to decide on any issue not specifically covered by these rules.

The World Photographic Cup Judging will take place, on line, in November and December, 2018.

WPC images will be judged by a selection of judges from each participating country.  One additional judge will be selected by WPC Team Canada to represent Canada in this process.  The WPC judging system is based on a number system of four scores and criteria.  Scores from judges of the same country as the image are not counted in the final tally.

Winners Announced April 8th, 2018

Medal Winners and Country Team Winners will be announced at the WPC Awards Ceremony to be held in Drammen, Norway.

Need More Info?

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